• After School Program 2015-2016

    Dear Parents,

    Hello! My name is Amanda, and it’s that time of the year again! School is gearing up and so is Oxford Public Library. August is the beginning of our After School Program. I will be supervising, scheduling and arranging our activities throughout the year.

    My plan for the kids will be this: The kids will come downstairs for their snack and work on their homework for thirty minutes. Last year we had an issue with littering, so if they are not able to stay to eat their snack and throw away the trash, they will not get a snack that day.

    After homework we will start on our activity for the day. I’m not sure yet how long the kids will stay while they do that day’s activity, but it will be no longer than one hour (on top of the half hour of homework). Please let me know if your child cannot stay longer than a specified time.
    Here is what we are planning on doing through the year.

    August – Solving Mysteries/Detective Cases/Lateral-thinking Puzzles
    September – Making a Stop Motion Movie
    October – Harry Potter Month with Halloween Feast
    November – Sci-fi Adventures (leading into the new Star Wars Movie coming in December)
    December – Creating our own Characters
    January – Minute to Win It Competitions/Tournaments
    February – Life Simulation with Silent Auction (Money skills, Life skills, unexpected events)
    March – Drawing our own Comic Books
    April – Animation Studios/Flip Books/Story-telling
    May – End of School Jeopardy Tournament

    We’re really looking forward to all the fun and educational activities! Message the library on facebook or email me at amandal@oxford.lib.in.us with any questions you may have.

    August 10th through the 14th will be when we start signing up, which will include a simple contract signed by kids and parents.

    Thanks so much!

    Amanda Logsdon
    Children’s Librarian

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